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Company Culture Consultant

Helping Companies Transform Their Culture

When you optimize your company culture, both performance and morale improve dramatically. People come to work focused, energized and ready to perform well together.

But achieving these outcomes takes a culture of trust, accountability and clear communication. The framework I provide helps you strengthen all three.

The result? A transformed company culture where performance soars and morale becomes a competitive advantage.

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Does Your Workplace Have These Issues?

  • Lack of communication
  • Lack of trust
  • Leaders who could use more confidence in their role (if you need this, you’re in great company)
  • Office drama that derails the real work
  • Frustrations that spill over into your life outside work
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Here’s How A Company Culture Consultant Can Help

To help you decide if I’m the right company culture consultant for you, here are just some of the areas where I can assist:

  • Assessing your company’s culture and climate so you can build on company strengths and address areas of concern
  • Leading team discussions to uncover and resolve roadblocks to trust
  • Helping you convey tough messages to your team, with tact and confidence
  • Making sure all participants feel heard and respected
  • Partnering with HR and management to develop programs and policies to promote positive culture change
  • Aligning leaders and teams around shared purpose, values and goals -- in ways that inspire commitment
  • Equipping and empowering leaders to model positive culture change
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I’ll work with you to pinpoint your company culture and morale issues

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Together, we’ll turn insights into action and start transforming your company culture

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You’ll become the leader who creates more leaders so that goals get met, your team looks forward to giving their best, and employee engagement is self-propelling

Getting Started is Easy


Schedule a risk-free call.

Let's talk about your needs, budget and timetable. (Don’t have a budget? Let's wait until you do.)


Receive a custom engagement email.

Questions afterward? I'm a quick email away.


Decide how you want to move forward.

Once we decide to move forward, we'll schedule the work and make it happen!

FAQs on Company Culture Consulting

1. Can you work with any team in any industry?

Try me! I do my best work with professional service firms and small-business owners. I prefer clients who are looking for a true partner in the work we do. If you’re willing to engage in a spirit of collaboration and mutual respect, we can accomplish great things.

2. Do you offer executive or leadership consulting as well as individual consulting?

Yes! If you have a need in one or more of these areas, let’s talk about the arrangement that will best suit your unique needs.

3. How far do you travel for company culture consulting?

Due to current conditions in California, I am unable to commit to travel; however, let’s see if it is necessary to achieve your goals. If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that we can be extraordinarily productive, even when we work together virtually.

Contact Me Today

Through custom company culture consulting solutions, which may involve coaching, training and group facilitation, I can help you transform your culture so employees engage, drama disappears, and company morale becomes a competitive advantage.