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Working From Home? 3 Pep Talks to Find More Joy and Meaning

May 25, 2020

woman-wearing-beige-dress-shirt-using-laptop-computer-3277932If you happen to follow me on Facebook or LinkedIn, you may have noticed that each week I post a short reflectionsometimes on a business note, sometimes on a personal note. Here are three in particular I thought you might enjoy. 

The Cure for Micromanagement?

I think I may have found the cure for micromanagement.

It came to me last Monday while slogging through a workout, sans trainer.

Most people hire a trainer to keep them motivated. I also hired mine to help me achieve faster, better resultsand to make the whole thing more fun, not less.

Then came stay-at-home orders. For the first time in years, it was on me to motivate myself. It was hard at first. It still isn't easy.

But as I discovered last week with free weights in hand, the cure for micromanagement is unrelenting self-motivation.

Managers, equip your team to function well without you. Staff, kick yourself harder in the rear than anyone else. You'll be glad you did. Discipline is freedom.

Finding Joy in the Disruptions

My cousin Vince wrote to say his mom, my Aunt Anne, was turning 90. Just typing her name makes me smile. We share so much, from laughter to meatballs to Bishop Barron.

So I stopped what I was doing, dug out a card, wrote a nice message and dashed to the post office. Then waited.

By a minor miracle, my phone buzzed today with a text from Aunt Anne:

"Thanks for your card, you robbed a bank to get it here on time, I will pay you back when I get to heaven.

I hope I'm that edgy at ninety.

Does your workday allow for the occasional disruption? If not, you may be missing out on the best life has to offer.

Surprise Phone Call

Now granted, this one was written early on, when I somehow thought stay-at-home orders would last two weeks, tops. But it's still a good story.

Nobody in my family, myself included, has ever been spontaneous.

So it surprised me when my dad called last night to say "Your mother's got a game she wants us to play. Hold on."

My dad put us all on speakerphone and my mom, ever the executive coach, had us take turns answering three questions about our day.

Smiles. Laughter. Priceless memories.

Stay-at-home orders are serious business. California started the trend. My parents' home state of Michigan soon followed. Yet last night as we were hanging up, I said "Don't wish this time away."

Any crisis, including this one, raises two questions worth sharing: What does this make necessary? What does this make possible?

What does this make possible for you? Your team? Your family?



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