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Working from Home? 21 Ways to Manage Stress

Apr 20, 2020

Father with children working on laptop computer at home

The problem isn't we're working from home. The problem is we're still working from home, with no end in sight. We're not in control and we hate that.

Whether you're working from home, simply feeling stuck at home, or braving this battle's front lines (thank you for that), here are 21 ways to help you manage your stress.

P.S. Why not share this list in your next staff meeting?

21 Ways to Manage Stress

Special thanks to Ali, my assistant, for providing many of the tips for today's post.

  1. Be still and take a few deep breaths
  2. Prioritize rest over productivity -- rest will make you more productive
  3. Get the best night's rest you can
  4. Make something with your hands
  5. Move your body throughout the day
  6. Follow through with your routines
  7. Finish your cup of coffee in one sitting
  8. Change up your space
  9. Eat when you're hungry
  10. Let go of things outside your control
  11. Take a break from the news
  12. Clean and organize your space
  13. Aim every day for 1% improvement  
  14. Choose your words carefully (example: stay-at-home orders are not the same as a "lockdown")
  15. Take a break from technology
  16. Ask yourself "What does (your name) need?" (haircut, anyone?)
  17. Put on your favorite music 
  18. Break your day into three-hour blocks; decide what you can/should get done within each block
  19. Share ideas and coping strategies with a friend
  20. Find the humor
  21. Remind yourself at the end of the day, "Whatever I get done today is enough."

Bonus Resources for Managing Stress

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Bocelli: Music For Hope - Live From Duomo di Milano
Fur Elise on a Chicken - because humor helps and this is priceless



Your Turn ...

During this time of working from home, what have you found to be most challenging, helpful or enjoyable? Please leave a comment below. I look forward to hearing from you!

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