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What's the First Song that Rocked Your World?

Oct 14, 2019

Man listening to music on headphones at homeGreat question, right? I first heard it in a video by Bishop Robert Barron, who read it in Rolling Stone. It's a fun question to share with family, friends and co-workers.

It's also a good icebreaker at company meetingsand as you'll see, an easy way to get the whole staff talking about teamwork.  

Because I'm truly interested in your answer, I've opened up the comments section on my blog. 😬

You'll also find a video that answers the question, "What's the last song that rocked my world?" The video speaks volumes about leadership, teamwork and the human spirit. 

"Like a Rolling Stone" — Bob Dylan

I was fourteen, sitting in the front passenger seat of my mother's blue Cadillac, the one with the orange padded roof (the same roof I would mangle two years later while backing out next to a dumpster...spent that summer paying off the deductible). 

Back to Bob Dylan. My mother and I were driving home from work/school when that song came on the radio. Whoa. I didn't know what it meant, but I could tell he did. Which song first rocked your world?

"The Weight" — Playing For Change

Fast forward to a few weekends ago. My brother and I are having the rock-your-world conversation via late-night text.

"This one is remarkable," he wrote. "I am late to the party as I see now they have done about 30 cover songs in this imaginative as hell style. This is the first one I saw."

Same here. It's one of those songs where you pick up new things every time you listen.

Who says multiple generations can't work well together?

And play well together. Notice, for example, how the musicians range from millennials to the Silent Generation. Notice also the breadth of lands and cultures, showing off humanity at its best.

Ringo Starr, by the way, is 79. The song is over 50. Turn it up, enjoy, and go take on the day!



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