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Top HR Publications & Magazines to Follow in 2021

Jan 13, 2021

The human resources department plays a key role in developing, defining, reinforcing, and changing a company's culture. This is because HR takes on the crucial responsibilities of interviewing, hiring, welcoming, training and development, pay, performance management and many other duties that shape the organization and workplace morale.

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So, to help you think about the impact of your responsibilities—and ultimately help you grow as an HR professional—we've pulled together the top HR magazines and publications everyone on your human resource management team should be following in 2021.

1. HRD Connect

Delivering high quality analysis, intelligence, and resources for senior HR leaders, HRD Connect provides valuable insights and exclusive interviews examining the most innovative practices that help HR leaders meet the challenges they face. The content focuses on the key issues across core topics, including strategy and leadership, talent, rewards and benefits, digital transformation, and employee engagement. 

Learn More About HRD Connect

2. HR Digest

The HR Digest is an international magazine with the goal of exploring and connecting the world of human resources to the widest possible audience. The magazine uses human resources function as a springboard to explore topics spanning compensation, employee benefits, outsourcing, recruitment, and workplace culture through a mixture of profiles, interviews, critical discussion, and roundtables.

Learn More About The HR Digest

3. HR Grapevine

HR Grapevine—and its sister titles Recruitment Grapevine and Executive Grapevine—are popular with a wide range of HR professionals. The magazines feature a mix of topics ranging from commentary on events in the news to employment law to HR-related stories that have gone viral on social media.

Learn More About HR Grapevine

4. HR Magazine

With a circulation of more than 300,000, HR Magazine is the most widely read and respected human resources publication in the world. It's for people-focused, forward-thinking business leaders who want to develop successful organizations—and it provides up-to-date news, features, and analysis of topics of interest to HR professionals at all career levels.

Learn More About HR Magazine

5. HRZone

HRZone is an online destination for HR professionals and business leaders offering advice, guidance, opinions, and up-to-date information on how the working life and responsibilities of the modern HR professional are being shaped. The publication covers a range of topics including employment law, HR technology, leadership, recruitment, talent management, wellbeing, diversity, benefits, and training.

Learn More About HRZone

6. People Management

People Management (PM) is the UK's biggest human resources publication. It covers all the latest news, opinions, and insights from the HR world across a variety of channels to help keep readers up to date. Each issue includes news, features, event reviews, the latest industry statistics, legal updates, and practical advice to help you stay connected with what's going on within the industry.

Learn More About People Management

7. theHRDirector

theHRDirector is a feature led publication dedicated to informing HR directors and Senior HR Practitioners. The publication provides in-depth HR analysis and proven HR strategies to enable HR directors to keep on top of this fast-paced industry. In each issue, readers and industry experts are invited to share challenges and successes, providing real solutions to current human resource issues.

Learn More About theHRDirector

8. Workforce Magazine

Workforce Magazine is an award-winning business magazine focused on how work issues, events, and trends impact the enterprise as a whole. It provides HR professionals and management leaders with the insight they need when making crucial workforce management decisions. In circulation since 1922, Workforce is committed to providing quality, engaging workforce management content that supports their audiences in growing themselves and their organizations.

Learn More About Workforce Magazine

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