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Necessary Endings, Exciting Beginnings

Feb 03, 2020

Start written on rural road

If you want to succeed at business or life, you've got to be willing to shake things up—to change course when necessary, no matter how hard it seems or how it looks to the outside world.

In that spirit, I've decided to take Monday-Morning Pep Talk in a much more focused direction. Even as I write that, my face turns red and I'm unable to speak. But it's still the right move—and it's going to rock.

Why so verklempt? 

For years you've given me the privilege of starting my week with you. I'll miss the sort of freewheeling approach to topics each week—and the freewheeling conversations these topics generated. 

But ... this is a business. It's taken me a long time to embrace a business owner's mindset. And as I'm sure you've learned from your own life experience, once you embrace a new mindset there's just no going back.

The new focus: company culture

That's why I've decided to go all in on company culture. Why? For one thing, that's what companies are looking for. You rarely go wrong by meeting other people where they are.

Second, I've heard from so many professionals who are starving for a better work environment—I know I can help companies get there. I already have. A few more reasons: 

  • I understand what managers expect from employees and what employees need from managers—because I've been both. I also grew up with entrepreneurial parents who put their kids to work. My first real job started the summer I turned ten. Want to know how much I got paid? If you want that story, you can hire me to come speak at your company. ;-)
  • As a university career counselor, I interviewed hundreds of employers to find out how I/we should be preparing our students for the rigors of the real world. Among the employers' more frequent refrains: "How did these kids get so entitled?" and "Tell them to pull up their pants." 
  • I've taught corporate etiquette to new hires on Wall Street and I know how to make it respectful, relatable and fun. Some of the higher-ups who hired me needed to pull up their pants. 

The point is, company culture matters at every level. As you'll see in future posts, it affects everything. I'm determined and delighted to make it affect everything for the better. Fancy joining me?



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