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A Guide to Company Holiday Policies for HR Managers

Dec 11, 2020

pexels-giftpunditscom-1303082The holidays are right around the corner. As an HR manager, you have a unique opportunity to boost employee morale in the workplace during a time when it is much needed. From safe and inclusive holiday parties to extended time off, here are my thoughts on a company holiday policy for HR managers.

1. Encourage the use of vacation time

Especially this time of year, people want to spend meaningful time with friends and family. Yet unless you actively encourage your employees to take some time off, they might not be comfortable doing so. A few days of paid time off around and during a holiday will help prevent burnout—and by encouraging employees to enjoy some time outside of work, you will remind them they are valued and appreciated.

While many company policies include paid time off for Christmas, look for ways to accommodate those who celebrate other holidays as well. Offering flexible PTO options will help foster an inclusive company culture, letting the entire team know they are valued and visible.

2. Look for ways to show gratitude

While it’s important to recognize a job well done year-round, the holidays give your organization a chance to do so in a special and memorable way. Small, simple gifts are a great way to boost morale during the holiday season without breaking the budget. Examples of potential gifts:

  • A personalized note, thanking an employee for their hard work this year and wishing them a happy holiday season
  • A $10 gift card to their favorite coffee shop
  • A personalized notebook, planner or coffee mug

Keep in mind that your employees like to receive appreciation in different ways. Yet it's hard to go wrong with a thoughtfully written note, a gift card to a favorite spot, or anything else simple and from the heart. 

3. Give back to the community

For many, the holiday season is about giving back. HR managers can organize opportunities for employees to donate or give back to their community through your organization. Whether you offer volunteering hours or set up a donation link for a charity that reflects company values, a study by Fortune shows that employees whose employers are involved in community service are 13 times more likely to look forward to coming to work each day.

4. Plan a holiday party

Lastly, a holiday party can be a great way to not only end the year on a fun note, but to strengthen employee relationships. The key to a successful holiday party? Great food, great music, and fun activities! Whether you are celebrating in the office or virtually through Zoom, you'll find more holiday tips in my recent post, 30 Best Corporate Holiday Party Ideas.

Want helpful tips on strengthening employee morale for the new year? 

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