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5 Ways To Drive Professional Growth At Your Company

Feb 05, 2021

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As a manager, you may not be able to influence your employees' personal lives, but there are several ways you can drive your team's professional growth. Here are five employee development ideas to help your employees grow and thrive in their role. All of these will benefit your office morale and company culture.

1. Conduct regular reviews

Conducting regular employee reviews allows you and the employee to discuss areas they can improve—from working more efficiently to collaborating more with co-workers to sharpening their proficiency on a specific software. You, the manager, can get a better idea of what the employee is struggling with, whether or not they are being challenged, and if they have the tools and training needed to excel in their role. Both parties can come up with the appropriate, agreeable solutions.

2. Recognize your employees' accomplishments

Did you know that, according to an APA study, 93% of employees are motivated to do their best work when they feel valued? One way to show your employees you care is by recognizing their hard work and accomplishments. This will not only encourage them to grow individually, but will strengthen employee morale and encourage a positive company culture—one that inspires all employees to thrive. 

3. Hold regular professional development meetings

Whether it’s a weekly morning training or a monthly lunch-and-learn, professional development meetings are a great way to help your entire team invest in themselves, invest in one another, learn a new skill, or strengthen the skills they already have. A few professional development meeting ideas:

  • Having a top performer at your company teach helpful tips for using company software
  • Having a public speaker teach your team ways to improve their interpersonal and public speaking skills
  • Holding a workshop to strengthen professional writing skills or develop better ways of interacting with clients

4. Create a leadership mentoring program

Many employees receive training when they first sign on to a job—but what about ongoing training? A mentorship program helps employees learn new skills to grow in their role. It also makes them more likely to stay with your company.

A Deloitte survey found that employees who planned to stay with their current company for more than five years were two times more likely to have a mentor. A mentorship program helps your team members succeed at their current role—it can also help your company identify high-potential leaders to start developing now, to fuel your company's future growth.

5. Offer helpful resources

Do your employees have the tools they need to thrive? While your personal knowledge is helpful, external resources can further set up your team for success. For example, to boost employee development, consider offering the following:

  • A class schedule for training sessions and workshops outside of your organization
  • A list of professional organizations they can join and get involved in
  • A schedule of after-work networking events 

All of these are likely to add value to your company. When people are growing, learning and sharing, they not only bring more value to their work, they feel more appreciated, are more likely to collaborate, and are more likely to come to work excited and engaged in the work to be done. And they're more likely to stay.

Start improving your employee development program today

If you don't invest in your employees, who will? To improve your employee development program (or to create one from scratch), feel free to reach out today. Together, at no obligation to you, we'll determine how I can best help you, your team and your company.


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