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4 Work Team-Building Games Your Employees Will Love

Nov 11, 2020

Quiz card with colorful background with defocused lightsAs a leader, you are instrumental in helping your employees communicate with one another more effectively. While work relationships can't be forced, there are ways to create an environment where employees are much more likely to connect and interact positively.

One of these ways includes adding work team-building games that are not only fun, but improve team collaboration.

Below are four lighthearted team-building exercises, along with their benefits. Bonus: These games also work when your team-building games are for those who work from home.

1. Guess who

“Guess Who” is a fun, effective way for you and your team to get to know each other. For this work team-building game, ask your team to write down an important or interesting fact about themselves. These facts can be humorous, about a special interest, or anything an employee would feel comfortable sharing. Put all of the facts onto a single document and be sure to keep these facts anonymous. Then, have your team guess whose fact is whose. 

Not only will this game give everyone insight on everyone else’s personal interests, it’s also a fun way for your team to work together.

2. Weekly trivia games

A classic workplace team-building game: Trivia! Whether you want to start your Monday morning meeting with a quick round or play on Friday to end the week on a happy note, trivia is a game that generally everyone enjoys. Not only will your team have fun playing, it’s also another lighthearted way to get your team to work together. 

Putting together a trivia game doesn’t need to be time-consuming. There are apps and websites that can create the trivia questions for you and customize the questions based on your chosen category(ies).  Another bonus: Why not also include some trivia questions about your company? 

3. Show and tell

Show and tell is something almost everyone remembers playing as a child. Yet show and tell can also be a great way for adults to build office relationships. Once a month during lunchtime, make an event of doing a show and tell with your team: cater food and have each employee casually present something for a minute or two. Allow employees to present anything that is important to them, whether it's a hobby, a prized possession, or a family photo. 

4. Two truths and a lie

The game “Two Truths and a Lie” is another great workplace team-building game. Have each team member come up with three statements about themselves: two of them true and one of them false. It’s up to the other team members to discern which of the three is not true.

This game allows employees to learn more about their team while also challenging judgments team members may have made about one other.

Benefits of team-building exercises

Not only will team-building exercises help your team communicate and work together more effectively, your workplace will also enjoy the following benefits:

  • Increased Morale. When employees get to know each other and get along well, going to work each day is more enjoyable. Employees who have a relationship with the rest of their team will feel valued. They will also be more likely to trust their team and be trustworthy.  
  • Increased Productivity. When employees communicate and collaborate, productivity in your workplace is more likely to flourish.
  • Enhanced Company Culture. Team-building games can create an office environment where people trust one another, feel valued, and have fun. All of these characteristics are key elements of an exceptional company culture.

Ready for an exceptional company culture? 

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