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4 Fun Workplace Communication Games to Play With Your Employees

Dec 18, 2020

pexels-jopwell-2422294Ever heard the phrase “Communication is key"? Not only does it pertain to personal relationships, but also work relationships. Good communication is essential to improving your business’s productivity, employee engagement and company culture. 

If you are looking to strengthen your team’s communication skills with each other, check out these fun workplace communication games to play with your employees! You’ll also find tips on improving communication as a leader as well. 

Island Survival

Island Survival is a fun problem-solving activity. For this game, get into groups of 5 to 10 people. Present the team with the following prompt: They are stranded on an island and find 20 items that have washed up on shore. Give them a list of these items and tell them they can only keep 5 items to use toward their survival. Your employees will need to work together and communicate effectively to choose the items they think are best. 

The Perfect Square

This game works great with any team, no matter how large or small. With a group of five to 20 people, get a long rope or string, and tie it together. Then, have your employees get in a circle holding the string. Once they are in a circle, have them put the string down, put on blindfolds, and safely walk a couple of feet away from the circle. The objective of the game is to return the rope and form a square without looking at where they are going. To do this, employees must communicate with each other and work together. They must also employ their own leadership skills, since not everyone can speak at onceespecially in larger groups.

Crazy Comic

Crazy Comic allows your team to get creative, while also honing communication skills. In this game, a group of three to six employees will work together to create a short comic. The number of panels for the comic directly correlates to the number of people on the team. For example, if there are five people on a team, they will need to create a five-panel comic. Each person will be responsible for one comic panel. Your employees will have to work together to come up with a shared vision and create a cohesive story.  

Once they are finished with the comic and present it, start a discussion. Ask questions such as:

  • How important was communication during this exercise?
  • What was the most difficult part?
  • What was the most enjoyable part?
  • Where do you think you’ve communicated well together? Where can you improve? 

Three-Minute Vacation

This game requires both speaking and listening skills. Have your team get into pairs, with one person being  the speaker and the other, the listener. Have the speaker describe their dream vacation in detail. The listener should simply be actively listening without asking any questions. Once three minutes are up, the listener will summarize the key points of the speaker’s dream vacation to the rest of the teamalmost as if they were giving a presentation. This game develops active listening skills and identifying key takeaways—good skills to have for personal conversations and when collaborating with team members or clients.

How to improve communication skills in the workplace

As a leader, you have the opportunity to model excellent communication skills in your workplace. For example, you can ...

  • Practice self-awareness: Take note of the nonverbal cues you are sending. If you say one thing but your body language says another, you are likely to confuse others (and they're more likely to believe your body language).

  • Actively listen: Communication isn’t only about expressing yourselfit’s about listening to others and processing that information. Know when it is appropriate to speak and when it’s time to actively listen.

  • Create a transparent company culture: When employees feel safe and supported, they are more likely to express their ideas, opinions and constructive criticism. 

Improve communication within your company

If you’re looking for additional ways to improve communication within your organization, I encourage you to contact me. I work with you to transform company culture so employees engage, drama disappears, and company morale becomes a competitive advantage. Interested? Let's talk!


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