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3 Words that Eliminate Daily Hassles

Dec 16, 2019

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One step ahead. Living this way brings so much freedom.

Living one step ahead doesn’t mean sending Christmas cards in November. It’s not about speeding through life or missing the moment—it just means when the moment arrives, you’re not searching for a clean pair of socks. 

Check out this list of practical ways to live one step ahead—then ask yourself "Which of these would make my days less stressful?"

One Step Ahead: Simple Ways to Cut Stress Daily
  • Fill the gas tank before you have to 
  • Set out your clothes for the next day
  • While you're at it, make sure there's a clean towel next to the shower
  • Keep an extra roll of toilet paper nearby at all times (just saying)
  • Pack your bag/briefcase and set it by the door the night before
  • Likewise, set the table for breakfast the night before (by morning you'll have forgotten you did this ... then when you walk into your kitchen, your face will light up)
  • Write down your top three to-do items for the next morning so you can jump right in
  • Set a glass of water by your bed to have when you first wake up
  • Fill your water bottle before you need it so when you do need it you can grab it and go
  • Use downtime to charge your phone, watch and other devices
  • Count out your vitamins for the week 

Big-Picture Ways to Work One Step Ahead

  • Plan your to-do's around your energy (e.g., morning might be best for creative tasks, afternoons might be best for wrapping up loose ends)
  • Hold team meetings on Friday vs. Monday. This will allow you and the team to step into the office on Mondays with momentum and direction. 
  • Use quarterly and monthly planning to make your larger goals more achievable and to anticipate/ eliminate roadblocks.

Living this way might take more effort at first, but the rewards are more than worth it: Getting more done. Blazing through the day instead of struggling to keep up. Finding new and better ways to maximize your time. Often that one extra step is all it takes.

What are your one-step-ahead strategies? I invite you to leave a comment below. 

P.S. Want More?

Here are three helpful resources: one from David Allen and two from yours truly. Enjoy! 

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