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22 Workplace Productivity Statistics

Nov 13, 2020

workplace-productivityBuilding and maintaining a productive workplace is one of the major challenges companies struggle with. But when you create a productive workplace, your company enjoys improved employee morale and profitability. 

Not surprisingly, employees who are dedicated produce higher-quality work and more of it. Whether your team is not-so-productive and engaged or you simply want to make your work environment even more productive, be sure to check out these surprising workplace productivity statistics.

Productivity statistics in the workplace

1. Only 21% of employees believe they are truly productive for an entire workday. (Source: Vouchercloud)

2. 65% of employees say they have used the internet for non work-related purposes during their workday. (Source: Connect Solutions)

3. Every week, employees spend 5 hours surfing non work-related sites. (Source: HubSpot)

4.Multitasking can hurt your productivity by 40%. (Source: APA)

5. When distracted, an average employee takes 23 minutes to regain focus. (Source: HubSpot)

6. Engaged teams achieve 17% higher productivity, 21% greater profitability, and 10% higher customer ratings. (Source: AON)

7. Engaged employees put 57% more effort into their tasks than disengaged employees. (Source: PwC)

8. 86% of modern employees prefer to work alone to reach peak productivity. (Source: HubSpot)

9. The average employee spends roughly 13 hours a week checking, writing, and responding to emails. (Source: Attentiv)

10. 47% of employees claim meetings are the biggest time wasters in a business environment. (Source: Atlassian).

11. Time lost in ineffective meetings costs U.S. businesses over $37 billion a year. (Source: Gallup)

12. U.S. businesses lose $11 billion due to staff turnover each year. (Source: Emplify)

13. 71% of people said listening to music at work makes them more productive. (Source: Robert Half)

14. Employees report they are more productive on days when they exercise before work. (Source: APA)

15. Increased employee interaction can boost performance by up to 20%. (Source: On The Clock)

16. On average, employees spend 20% of their time tracking down who can assist them with specific tasks. (Source: Mckinsey & Company)

17. 41% of stressed employees state that stress negatively affects productivity. (Source: Colonial Life)

18. Tired employees are less productive than their well-rested counterparts—amounting to $63 billion in lost productivity for American companies. (Source: Connect Solutions)

19. Roughly 75% of workers believe that they don’t have access to the latest efficiency-boosting technology. (Source: Staples)

20. Employees who feel  as though they don’t have enough hours in the day to complete their tasks see a 68% decrease in productivity (Source: Cornerstone)

21. Productivity per hour declines when a person works more than 50 hours a week. (Source: Stanford University)

22. 65% of employees state that they’re more productive during the holidays. (Source: Robert Half)

Improve workplace productivity at your company

It can be hard to create a productive workplace, especially during these difficult times. Check out our related blog post on surprising remote work statistics or reach out to me directly if you would like help building and maintaining a productive workplace for your employees and your business.


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