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19 Life Lessons Worth Sharing

Dec 23, 2019

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If you wake up each day feeling smarter and wiser, you're miles ahead of most people. You're miles ahead of where you were a year ago. Celebrate that. I'm happy to share these lessons with you, in hopes they lighten your load and bring you a smile.

  1. Not everything needs “closure.” If something does, honor that. But if it doesn’t, give yourself permission to let it go. 
  2. Not everything needs responding to. I read somewhere that if you want to get fewer emails, send fewer. I'm not talking about the ones that are friendly or necessary, I'm talking about the ones like "Thanks," "OK" and "Uh-huh." Enough already.
  3. Unless you like paying more, mail anything larger than a letter in U.S. Post Office packaging. It’s cheaper and hey, free box/envelope.
  4. It’s not cheating to send gifts via Amazon. 
  5. It’s not cheating to opt out of holiday gift-giving.  
  6. In times of stress/frustration, keep asking yourself “What can I control?”
  7. One of the worst mistakes you can make in a job interview is to forget you’re being interviewed. Yes, even at lunch.
  8. When you go visit family, go when they’re already getting together. It’s a lot less stress and planning.  
  9. If you work as I do with too many open tabs on your computer, put the tab you’re working on in the center of your screen so it’s easy to find. 
  10. Never tell a person who's grieving to "move on." Just be there and help them move forward.  
  11. Don’t trade in your old phone until you’re sure you like the new one. Bigger/newer isn’t always better. 
  12. YouTube Premium is totally worth the investment ($12/month as of this writing). Check out 5 Reasons You Should Pay for YouTube Premium.  
  13. There’s no substitute for a good night’s rest. Keep track of what helps you get one. Cut out what gets in the way. 
  14. The key to a good workout after work (this according to my friend/trainer James): Go straight to the gym instead of stopping home first. 
  15. The key to making progress in the gym (this according to yours truly): Set an ambitious, but be sure to specify “injury free.” 
  16. Don't let what you can't do keep you from doing what you can. This applies to nearly everything.
  17. Choose your mood. Life happens. But you can choose how you respond. You'll feel better when you do.
  18. If you order takeout when you’re already hungry, chances are excellent it will take much longer.
  19. Advice from a speech coach on how to be an even better speaker: “Have more fun.”



What lessons have you learned in the last year?

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