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10 Ways to Rock the New Decade

Jan 06, 2020

Successful business group applauding after a presentation

You want to have your best year/decade yet, but how? Here are 10 inspiring ways to turn those wishes into reality. 

    1. Adopt a beginner's mindset. What would you change if you were starting over? Now is your opportunity to look at your life with new eyes. 
    2. Do some math. How old will you be? How about your family members? Don't let this scare you—let it inspire and motivate you to do something bold, creative, or just plain thoughtful. 
    3. Make the decisions now you’ll thank yourself for later. What are the health, financial, emotional, or spiritual decisions you'll thank yourself for ten years from now? Take one step today, no matter how small. 
    4. Make a plan to become more resilient. Over the next decade, some tough things are bound to happen. What's one way you can prepare yourself now? Maybe a ritual or health habit? 
    5. Make a list of what you want to stop doing. Example: The year I turned 30, I decided I was all done selling candy bars, raffle tickets, or anything remotely in that category. What are the activities you're ready to be done with?
    6. "Get around where it's better." I borrowed this from Tony Robbins, who encourages audiences to surround themselves with others who challenge/inspire them to grow. This makes all the difference in your outlook and your outcome. You can find more inspiration from Tony on his YouTube channel.
    7. Befriend your boundaries. You and your boundaries are a package deal. The relationships that are right for you recognize and honor this.
    8. Invest in your gifts. What's one gift you never get tired of using or being complimented on? Whatever it is, whether it's using your voice, solving problems, raising money or running a household, take more time to cultivate that gift. If you don't invest in yourself, who will?
    9. Do less, enjoy more. I don't know about you, but I find depth more rewarding than breadth. Sometimes to do less/enjoy more, you have to clear out the excess. The good news is, "clearing out the excess" is therapeutic and free! For a good book on doing less/enjoying more, check out  Essentialism by Greg McKeown.
    10. Stay open. I get nervous when I see programs like "Design Your Own Life." Why? First, because I'm not God. Second, because my own plans turn out to be small and shallow compared to what Life has in store. So yes, make your plans as bold as you can—but stay open to receiving something infinitely better.



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